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Webcomic Contest:


While we launch the crowd funding campaign for the first issue of "Like Father, Like Daughter", we need to take a break from production on the webcomic but we don't want to miss any updates so we're giving YOU the opportunity to create a comic within the "Like Father, Like Daughter" Universe via a cool contest.

Find an artist to help you illustrate a one page story based off of the information that you know about these characters from Comic Uno's videos, the website or the webcomics that have been released. Email the stories directly to us at beginning immediately. The only rules are that your story must follow these simple principles:

1. Invulnerable is the only superhero in the world.

2. Know one knows Casey is Invulnerable's daughter.

3. Casey and Jessica DO NOT interact with Invulnerable nor does he interact with them.

We will select 1 winner every week and posts their comic on Monday's (beginning on 10/6/14) the as the newest edition of the webcomic while we run the crowd funding campaign. We will accept entries until 10/26/14.

Each winner (or winning team) will work directly with Short Fuse Media Group on a new story to be released as a webcomic OR have their likenesses illustrated in a story that will appear in the webcomic once we resume following the wrap up of the crowd funding campaign.

Update 9/18/14 by Short Fuse Media

Like Father, Like Daughter is gearing up for the release of the final "One Shot" of the Webcomic Series and we just wanted. Tune in Monday for that!!!

Update 9/5/14 by Short Fuse Media

Watch the FIRST live Q & A Session featuring the writer of "Like Father, Like Daughter", Comic Uno!!!


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All updates regarding the site as well as news about the title, "Like Father, Like Daughter" will be posted in this section.