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by ComicUno

Meet the Characters of "Like Father, Like Daughter"


I am here again with another entry about my comic book series Like Father, Like Daughter.

This week I wanted to give some background on all of the main characters for the series.


Casey Ryder – Casey is the main character of Like Father, Like Daughter. Her father left her at a young age to be a full time superhero. This leads to her having some hatred towards Invulnerable. Invulnerable is always on TV and in newspapers. She can never escape him.

Even though the world sees Invulnerable as a hero, Casey sees him as a villain. Where this leads? You have to pick up issue 1 of Like Father, Like Daughter to find out.

Casey is one of the most popular girls in school. Even though she has a lot of friends she only trusts her best friend Stephanie. Stephanie will play a big role in the series.

Casey has a confident personality, but when Invulnerable is mentioned she gets a little emotional about the topic. He always clouds her best judgment. Her father leaving still feels like a fresh wound to her.  

Writer Notes: As I said in my first blog post Like Father, Like Daughter puts the superhero genre on its head. I play with a lot of comic book tropes. At first glance Casey falls under the popular girl trope.

Casey has a lot more depth than that and you will see that shine through out the series. Think Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Alex Mack meets Clueless.  


Invulnerable AKA Jeff Ryder – Invulnerable is Casey’s father. He left his family to be a full time superhero when Casey was young. As the series continues you will learn why he left his family.

For the first couple of issues Invulnerable is going to be a bit of a mystery. There will be hints of his true motives through out the series.  

There are a couple of questions the audience should be asking themselves about Invulnerable. Should he be trusted? Is he a hero or villain? Why did he leave his family? Will he make contact with Casey?

Writer Notes: Before I even wrote the script for Like Father, Like Daughter I knew this series was going to poke fun at the superhero genre. That means Invulnerable is the general idea of the American superhero. Everything the mainstream audience thinks superheroes should be or the generic depiction of a superhero.

Fun Fact: When designing the costume I didn’t want Invulnerable to have a cape because I was inspired by Edna’s “no capes” policy from the Incredibles.  


Stephanie – Stephanie is Casey’s best friend! She also part of the popular clique, but Stephanie is the only person Casey fully trusts from her friend group.

There will be a long journey ahead for Casey and her father’s relationship and Stephanie will be there every step of the way. Steph is a very loyal friend.

Stephanie will always tell Casey the truth. She will tell Casey whatever is on her mind. She is a very quirky character and that is what will make her lovable to read.


Wes – Wes is a nerdy character. You will get to see Wes, Casey, and Stephanie interact with each other by the second issue. As the series continues he will become part of Stephanie and Casey’s friend group. There is a particular event that will bring these unlikely friends together.

Wesley is a comic book encyclopedia and he will be pointing out a lot of comic book references through out the series. He will be a main character poking fun at comic book tropes.


Jessica Ryder – Jessica is the mother of Casey and ex-wife of Invulnerable. She is not very close with her daughter. She will do anything for a normal life.

by ComicUno

Welcome to "Like Father, Like Daughter"

Hello, Kat here! I wanted to introduce you to our comic book "Like Father, Like Daughter". I'm the writer for the title. This post will help you learn who I am, how the title came about, and what we plan for the future of the title. 

I started my online presence on May 2nd 2010 with Comic Duo. Comic Duo was a YouTube show my best friend and I started. We reviewed new comic books that came out every week. My friend left the show after a year or so then Comic Uno was born. I have over 5000 subscribers on the channel now and review comic books, TV shows, and more. I also belong to a group YouTube channel called Comic Frontline. Over there I post a lot of videos and belong to two podcasts Frontline Live and Media Madness. 

I have loved comic books all my life. Coincidentally, my dad introduced me to comic books at a young age. I grew up to love the medium and now happy to be able to contribute to it. 

How did "Like Father, Like Daughter" come about?  

Last year I took a screenplay writing class for my major. In this class we got our hands dirty and everyone had to create their own screenplay. That is when I created "Like Father, Like Daughter". 


This summer I was planning on writing another screenplay. Started to plot the idea in my head, and then I realized I wanted to share my stories with others. I had the screenplay for "Like Father, Like Daughter"' sitting on my desktop. Right then and there I decided to make "Like Father, Like Daughter into a comic book series. 

I started to write the first issue of "Like Father, Like Daughter" that night. The next step was to find an artist for the title. I made a video on my YouTube channel looking for an artist. The next day on twitter I got a message from Rashaan from Short Fuse Media. We then started our partnership for the comic book.

What is "Like Father, Like Daughter about?

I always wanted to write a high school superhero story, but when most people see this genre they write it off as generic teen agnst. I wanted to make "Like Father, Like Daughter" different from what people may expect. This title turns the superhero genre on its head. It pokes fun at comic book tropes, but at the same time tells a unique story. 

In this title, Invulnernable is the only superhero in the world. He left his family to be a full time hero. We follow the journey of his daughter Casey. She has to see Invulnerable everyday either on TV or in the newspappers. Everyone loves Invulnerable, but she knows his true colors. As the series goes on their will be alot of twist and turns to the story. Even though this series is about a superhero it has many grounded elements.  

What is our plan for the comic? 

Our plan is to upload some concept images for the series and then start uploading three one shot web comics for the readers to learn more about the characters. After this content is posted we will have a Kickstarter to fund issue 1. I will keep you up to date when we get closer to the Kickstarter.

I will be writing these blogs at least once a week to keep everyone up to date with the title. 

The Journey Starts Here,