Cast Page:

This is where you can find out a bit more detailed information about the various cast members of "Like Father, Like Daughter". As more characters debut via the webcomic or during the release of the actual comic, we will be sure to post their bio information in this section so you can get more familiar with them. So let's get right into it. First up we have.....

Invulnerable ("Jeff Ryder")
Invulnerable is Casey’s father. He left his family to be a full time superhero when Casey was young. As the series continues you will learn why he left his family.

For the first couple of issues Invulnerable is going to be a bit of a mystery. There will be hints of his true motives through out the series.

There are a couple of questions the audience should be asking themselves about Invulnerable. Should he be trusted? Is he a hero or villain? Why did he leave his family? Will he make contact with Casey?

Writer Notes: Before I even wrote the script for Like Father, Like Daughter I knew this series was going to poke fun at the superhero genre. That means Invulnerable is the general idea of the American superhero. Everything the mainstream audience thinks superheroes should be or the generic depiction of a superhero.

Fun Fact: When designing the costume I didn’t want Invulnerable to have a cape because I was inspired by Edna’s “no capes” policy from the Incredibles.